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Abdominal Belt
This range of Abdominal Belts is basically reliable waist supporting belts that are clinically approved. These belts provide 360 degree support to pain affected waist and helps to heal mild to acute back pain.
Knee Cap
Knee caps are well known for their excellent pain healing properties. Made of flexible nylon and soft cotton, this product range is effective in treating pain and swelling of knee area.
Patella Knee Cap
Patella Knee Caps are well known for their excellent air permeability. These types of knee caps are useful to heal swelling and knee pain associated with wounds and sports injury. Light in weight, these knee caps are stretchable.
LS Contoured
LS Contoured is reliable waist supporting solution that has medical approval. It is recommended to quicken recovery from back pain in order to promote right posture. This range of light weight waist supporting belts can be availed in different sizes.
LS Corset
LS Corsets are useful to heal mild to acute lower back pain. Offered in standard size, this product range is adjustable, flexible and stretchable. These corsets can be manually cleaned for future usage purpose.
Lumbo Sacral Belt
Lumbo sacral belts are suitable for treating vertebral fracture. These flexible belts are comfortable to wear for their unique air permeability level. These medical grade belts are reusable and these can be accessed at reasonable rate from us.
Oxygen Concentrator
Oxygen Concentrators are effective in error free separation of oxygen and nitrogen to attain concentrated form of oxygen. Ultrasonic sensor based technology of these machines promotes consistent concentration of oxygen without any hindrance.
Disposable Gloves
Nitrile rubber or latex fabricated disposable gloves are used for patient diagnosis and surgical procedure purpose. These disposable gloves are recyclable and are free from toxic content. This product range is offered at reasonable rate from us.

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